WestLand Storage Review: Earn 1% Daily on Real State investment

WestLand Storage ICO Review: Earn 1% Daily on Real State

I’ve been waiting for an opportunity like this. A true company that offers a long-term service for the real investors.

WestLand Storage  is a great project that combines an investment program and real estate. It does not offer a huge daily return, but guarantees a daily profit for a lifetime.

They also offer a huge bounty and a $100 FREE in your account just by completing your profile and sharing it to social medias.

You can get more information about the project below.

website linkwww.westlandstorage.com

What is WestLand Storage?

WestLand Storage is a company operating in the real estate market. We are engaged in leasing out various real estate objects, from apartments to warehouses and commercial real estate.

Invest in real estate | Get 1% daily lifelong

Westland Storage offers you to become a share owner of real estate around the world. Buy square feet of real estate and get a daily profit from their lease.

It‘s your possibility to become an investor in real estate and get passive lifelong income. You can make it in just few clicks. Invest today and start receiving profit tomorrow.

How to Start?

For you to start you need to register on WestLand Storage first.Make a deposit
WestLand Storage Review Make Deposit

Then you need to make a deposit to start earning daily interest. I use CoinsPayments for my deposits since it can accommodate several coins.

Go to Make a Deposit page.

WestLand Storage Review Make Deposit1

You will be redirected to the page where you can select the coins you want to deposit.

Select the coin you want to deposit, in my case i choose Litecoin. Then enter the amount you want to deposit (Minimum of 0.1 for LTC), and click Proceed to payment.

After that, you will be redirected to CoinsPayment page where you will see the address and send the payment.

Once the transaction is confirmed, they will manually check it so it may take up to 24-48 hours before it will be reflected on your account.

Why Invest in WLS?

    It’s simple

The investor transfers funds to WLS Company. We acquire real estate and rent it out. And the we pay part of the profit in the form of daily dividends, amounting to 1% of the investment.

  •     It’s simple math

DiceLandTM technology allows to equate 1 square foot of real estate to $1. In this way, the company’s customers can decide for themselves how many square feet they want to purchase.

Bounty – Get FREE WLS

By the way, you can also get a FREE WLS token just by sharing your link on Social Media.

Just go to Bounty, then share it on Facebook and Twitter.

And if your friends sign up and invested on WLS, you will get a commission.

What’s New?

WestLand Storage now have their own mobile app for easy access and a chance to earn more. It is available on iOS and Android.

Why did I say to earn more?

Only in the mobile application you can use the Mobile Share feature, with which the invitation of friends to become partners has become easier than ever. Just click “Invite” and select a convenient messenger.

For each active friend you get $10, but this is not the only thing for which you get bonuses. Just for downloading the application, and logging into your account you will receive another $20 to your account. More information about this you can find in the Bounty section of the program.

Happy Earning!

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